Design Tips & Tricks with Pavers for Small Backyards

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Simple Patio Designs with Pavers

patio-pavers-tampaIs your backyard so small that you barely have enough for this space to qualify as a yard? Don’t be fooled into thinking that it isn’t possible to fashion this area into a functional outdoor living space. All you need is the time, money, and a few simple patio designs with pavers to consider. Even the tiniest of spaces can easily be transformed into an oasis offering warmth and beauty.

Patio design tips with Pavers

Unique Size Requirements 

With a small backyard, your work is cut out for you. Not only do you need to come up with a patio theme, but you have to pick one that is going to fit in the existing space without making it look as though it does not belong there. Research plans for simple patio designs with pavers to find one that appeals to you while also blending in with your existing landscape and structures. For the best results, design your paver patio so that it is slightly smaller than the existing space. This strategy allows you to include your landscaping as an extension of the patio area.

Enhance the Appearance of Spaciousness with a Paver Walkway

The spaciousness of a patio is easily enhanced by adding a paver walkway constructed from the same type of pavers. The pathway doesn’t have to be extremely wide to create the desired effect. Simply design a pathway that joins your home with the backyard patio to create the illusion that the patio is bigger than it actually is. It is important to use the same type of pavers if you want the patio to look larger than it is.

Streamline Your Design

If you want a functional area that doesn’t take up too much space, choose a streamlined project from a selection of simple patio designs with pavers that second as seats. If you create a ledge of seats along the sides of your patio, you’ll save valuable space while creating a cozy atmosphere that gives your guests a spot to relax.

Choose a Small Fire Pit

Even if your patio design is limited to a single area without the option of creating add-on spaces, you can still have a fire pit. Select a smaller version that sits in the center of your patio or opt for a portable fire pit that you can move out of the way for larger gatherings.

Creating the Illusion of Spaciousness with Minimal Walls

Arched half walls or no walls at all can be used to create the illusion of spaciousness. Not having any walls or installing half walls allows your patio to blend in with the existing landscaping. You can also incorporate functional ledges in the walls to hold beverages, lanterns, or flower pots.

Researching simple patio designs with pavers is the best way to find the one that is going to transform your yard into an inviting retreat. Not only should you keep the patio simple in design, but you should also limit additional items such as furniture, flower pots, and accessories.