How to Maintain a Newly Paved Driveway

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A well-maintained driveway can enhance the look of your house. But no matter how durable it is, a newly paved driveway needs care. A driveway made with asphalt and brick can last very long, but they still require some tending. Good maintenance will ensure durability and longevity as well as add to the beauty of your driveway. This article will focus on important questions like when can you park on your new block paved driveway and how to maintain a paved driveway.

Things That Can Damage Your Driveway

Before finding out ways and means to newly paved driveway care, you need to know what are the things that can damage your driveway.

  1. Water: The one thing that can hurt your asphalt driveway is standing water.
  2. Weed: Weed or grass will widen the cracks in your driveway, leading to loss of durability.
  3. Oil leaks: Oil and other chemicals can damage your driveway.
  4. Excessive weight: Too much weight can also lead to damage.

When Can I Park on My New Block Paved Driveway

Do not park your car on your newly paved driveway. Allow it to dry before you drive your car through it. Wait for at least five days before you park on your asphalt driveway. However, you may park immediately on a new interlocking brick driveway.

how to maintain a paved driveway

How to Maintain A Paved Driveway

Here are some tips you should remember for your newly paved driveway maintenance. Looking after it well enough will also save you a lot of money on the revamping it may require.

  1. Clean the driveway regularly : Make sure you clean your driveway regularly and clear off the dirt, rocks, and pebbles, and, most importantly, wash off the oil and chemicals that may get leaked.

  2. Maintain the edges: Pay attention to the edges of your driveway. They are sensitive and tend to get damaged first. You can backfill the side space with topsoil to prevent fracturing of the driveway edges.

  3. Remove the weeds: As soon as you spot a weed on the driveway, remove it immediately. They may grow out of a crack and widen it, leading to further damage to the driveway. Use an environment-friendly weed killer spray or pour vinegar to kill it.

  4. Fill the cracks: As soon as you spot a crack or a hole, fill it with an asphalt crack-sealer. This will prevent more damage.

  5. Re-seal: You will require to re-seal the driveway every year. Avoid using water or latex-based materials. It would be best if you used solvent-based sealant. You may also get professional driveway pavers for the re-sealing.

  6. Seasonal maintenance: Ensure you shovel the snow off during winters as it may make the driveway deteriorate faster.

  7. Get a regular inspection done: Have your driveway inspected regularly. Doing so will help you to timely deal with the problems.

Take care of your newly paved driveway. Follow the right methods and intervene appropriately whenever there is an issueYou may even look for Tampa pavers to seek professional help. If you maintain your driveway well, then it will last you for many years.