How to Choose Pavers for Patio

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how to choose pavers for patio

How to Pick the Best Pavers for Your Patio

Installing pavers might seem like an uncomplicated decision. Still, it can get infinitely complicated because of the seemingly infinite choices in colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. The confusion can feel crippling due to choice overload. Since pavers are a way to add a splash of your personality to your patio, it is crucial to make the right choice when choosing pavers in Tampa, Fl.

Guidelines on how to choose suitable pavers for your patio

If your goal is to make your patio look amazing and serve as the highlight of your property, here are some factors you need to consider while choosing the pavers.

Do Your Own Research and Evaluate Your Options

The best way to deal with choice overload is to do your research. You can often find inspiration for designs by looking them up on websites or by creating a mood board and discussing it with your designer.

Focus on creating unique designs with either a monotone or multiple colors. Adding textured borders can completely transform your patios too.

Pick the Tone and Palette Early On

The first step is to pick a color tone. By “tone,” we mean picking a lighter or a darker color. Selecting a color tone is a personal decision and can vary with everyone’s taste and aesthetic sense.

Lighter colors tend to make a space feel roomier and airy, while darker tones can create a cozier space that feels intimate. However, you are not limited to either of these. You can choose to go with a natural tone that tends to blend with your surroundings, like shades of yellow, gray, or pink. These colors can create a different style under different lighting conditions and when wet. While bolder colors will stand out, a more subtle palette will allow your home and your patio to blend seamlessly.

Match Your Patio to Your Roof

The primary principle of making your exteriors look and feel seamless is to match every aspect of it to your roof. The roof can serve as an anchor, and just like an anchor secures a ship, your roof can secure your landscape features. Color matching your patio pavers to the color of your roof can be the best strategy to make them look good. You do not need to color match the two exactly. Instead, you can pick colors that match or complement the color of your roof and do not create a contrast with each other.

Suppose you have a light-colored roof; you can pick light-colored pavers for your patio, or if you have a black roof, choosing charcoal pavers can make your patio look exquisite. The aesthetics of a house are primarily related to the contrast it maintains. You can harness the power of contrast to increase the curb appeal of your property.

Select Patterns Based on the Architectural Features of Your House

Another major contributor to the type of paver that will suit your home the best is the architecture of your house.

If your home has dominating straight lines, pavers with geometric shapes and simplistic patterns will complement each other well.
If your home has a Victorian-style architecture, pavers with medieval patterns will suit better.
If your home is more rectangular with colonial architecture, going with brick pavers is your best bet for a seamless exterior.

Pick Pavers that Transform Your Exteriors

If you plan on changing your home’s landscape and the look of your exteriors, you can pick pavers accordingly.

Suppose you wish to make your patios and walkways appear more spacious than they are. In that case, you can consider using pavers in diagonal or horizontal rows.
To make areas look cozier and feel tighter, you can install pavers that are unified by grids of rectangular paver blocks.
To get patterns on your patio that are barely visible, you can randomly arrange them for a seamless look.

Strategies to Make Your Patio Pavers Look Better.

After you are done picking pavers for your patio, you have a few additional options to make the installation look better. Below are some tips on making your patios look and feel unique.

Make Use of Borders

Installing borders can make all the difference when it comes to adding contrasts or a splash of color to your patios. Making use of borders can add intricate details to your patio.

Set Accentuating Features

You can utilize certain accent pieces to complement your patio paver installation further. For example, you can use a stone mat accent on your patio outside your entrance instead of using an actual mat. Further, suppose you plan on having different areas of your patio for different activities. In that case, you can use different colors to separate designated areas.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

You can take a few minutes to brainstorm a few design ideas of your own. Implementing these can help you leave your individual mark on the patio design. However, it is vital to keep in mind that the general mantra while designing is to blend the designs. You can do so by either matching or contrasting the different paver colors.

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Final Words

When it comes to paver installation in Tampa, Fl, you can never go wrong with any design choices. However, suppose you keep the tips mentioned earlier in mind. In that case, you can reap the full benefits of a paved patio while making your design language come alive. Hiring a true professional can help you make the best choices and enable you to bring your designs to life.

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