Brick Paver Patio Design

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Brick Paver Patio Design
Brick Paver Patio Design

Brick Paver Patio Design

What could be more welcoming than an outdoor living space with an inviting fire pit at the center of your seating arrangement? The natural warmth of a fire is enticing, particularly on chilly nights. Keep reading to learn more about choosing a fire pit that complements your brick paver patio design.

Siting By Your Elegant Fire Pit

The first task you need to handle is deciding where to put your fire pit. Not only is it going to turn into a focal point, but it is going to influence the rest of your brick paver patio design, including how many pavers to buy and the type of placement pattern to incorporate, as well as the style of patio furniture that you select.

Depending on your personal preferences, you might want to create a separate space for your fire pit, allowing it to act as a secondary area of the patio. On the other hand, if your paver patio is small in size, you might want to simply incorporate the fire pit into your outdoor dining space.

Siting tips that can help create an attractive and safe result include:

  • Position the pit above ground level to avoid the risk of people stepping into it.
  • Place the pit where you can see it from one of the main rooms of the house, allowing you to enjoy its bright flames even when you step inside for a few minutes.
  • Balance your brick paver patio design by setting up an additional feature such as a container garden or water fountain directly across from the fire pit.

Gas Fire Pits

Offering easy maintenance and none of the smoke that accompanies wood-burning pits, gas fire pits are becoming increasingly popular as additions to brick paver patio designs. This style of pit is ideal for homes with existing natural gas hookups. You get all of the beauty of a fire without any of the work.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits

If you love the smell of natural wood burning, a fire pit designed for firewood is a good choice. For homeowners who have never burned wood before, you need to be aware that the wood must be dry when you burn it. Some types of wood create lots of smoke, particularly if they haven’t been seasoned properly.

Portable-Propane Fire Pits 

If you aren’t thrilled with the idea of a permanently fixed fire pit, you might want to consider a portable-propane fire pit to handle the task of infusing warmth to your patio. This style of pit is easily moved from one location on your patio to another because it is incredibly lightweight.

Checking City Codes Regarding Fire Pits

Before you begin your project, take the time to check city codes related to fire pits. You might need to obtain a permit before any work can be started. Moreover, your city might have restrictions against the use of fire pits, their locations, or their size.

The bright colors and warmth offered by a fire pit can enhance the beauty of your brick paver patio design. Talk to your contractor to discuss the options you have when choosing a fire pit for your brick paver patio.

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